AC-700-DCF Time Receiver


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A stand-alone radio controlled clock to receive and process the DCF atomic time signal to synchronise time on a single computer.

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AC-700-DCF Time Receiver.

Radio controlled computer clock with remote antenna (IP65).

Server ARC with remote antenna (IP65) Consists of mains powered Atomic Radio Controlled Computer Clock with remote antenna up to 200m (600 ft) away. It has an integral Time display and signal strength indicator, serial interface (USB optional), LED signal display, power supply and converter. Synchronises to the DCF time signal.

The Server-ARC Atomic Radio Clock is an advanced radio time code receiver. The antenna is rated to IP65 and can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors up to 100m from the host computer. The unit is specifically designed to provide good signal reception in areas with a poor radio signal.

TimeSync NTP can be used to turn any Windows 98, NT or 2000 machine into a stratum 1 NTP time server resource for your network. It can be used to synchronise the time on any NTP network clients on a TCP/IP network to within milliseconds of the correct time.

Key Benefits

  • Provides accurate timing for any number of network time clients.
  • Reliable, accurate and secure timing resource, inside your firewall.
  • Ideal for transaction processing, time & attendance and access control applications.

Key Features

Key features of the AC-700-DCF time receiver
Power supplyMains
AntennaRemote (up to 100m)
InterfacePC interface
Reception sensitivity<50uV/m
Start of the time signal synchronisationa. Automatically 
b. Command from the PC
Connection and data transferRS232 Serial interface at 300bps
Operating temperature range0°C – 50°C
Connector cable1.5m; 9-pole Sub-D plug

What's in the box

what is supplied with the AC-700-MSF time receiver
  • AC-700-DCF clock + power supply.
  • MSF Antenna.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • NTP Software CD.
  • Junction Box (to extend antenna cable - if necessary.)
  • IDC Cable Tool (to insert extension cable into the junction box - if necessary.)

Additional Extras

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