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NTS-4000-S NTP GPS Server


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Standalone rackmounted NTP server.
Available with either a GPS or Radio time source.

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NTS-4000-S NTP GPS Server

  • True Stratum 1 NTP Time Server.
  • GPS time reference input.
  • Configured over the network.
  • Handles >3,000 NTP requests per minute.
  • Solid State memory eliminates 'disk failure.'
  • Industry leading 6 year warranty.
  • Syslog error reporting.
  • Free product lifetime support.

A standalone version of the NTS-4000-R rackmount units. The NTS-4000-S is an entry level dedicated NTP server for TCP/IP networks, built using Galleon Systems proprietry operating system. It provides a complete solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

The NTS-4000-S Time Server series combines either a Radio or GPS receiver with an embedded solid state controller and is configured and managed via a network interface.

The IP address of the unit can be configured automatically using DHCP or a fixed IP address can be used.

A display on the front of the unit shows run-time information for both the signal reception and time output.

The NTS-4000 series can handle more than 3,000 NTP requests per minute, making it the choice for providing accurate time information across your network.

Key Benefits

  • Ready-to-operate Stratum 1 NTP Time Server
  • Support for NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Handles > 3,000 ntp requests per minute
  • Solid state, upgradeable flash memory - no moving parts!
  • Front Panel display for easy Time and Signal Status
  • Syslog error reporting
  • Secure proprietary operating system for enhanced security
  • 6 years warranty

Key Features

Product Specification for the NTS-4000-S-GPS time server
Receiver:Active 12 channel GPS Antenna
Timing Accuracy:Network: ± 12 milliseconds, typical
GPS: <1 microseconds, relative to UTC
NTP Time Requests:>3,000 requests per minute
Supported Networks:Can supply time to a single network
Power Consumption:8 Watts
Dimensions (H × W × D):45mm × 423mm × 163mm
Display:LC-display, 2 x 20 characters, with backlight
Operating System:Proprietry
Protocols (NTP & SNTP):NTP: v2 (RFC 1119), v3 (RFC1305), v4 (RFC 2131)
SNTP: v3 (RFC 1769), v4 (RFC 2030)
Network Interface:Single RJ-45 Network Connection 10/100 MBit
Power supply:85 - 260V, 47 - 63Hz
Operating Temperature:0-50°C / 32-122°F
Operating Humidity:Max. 85%

What's in the box

  • NTS-4000-S Unit.
  • GPS Mushroom Antenna or MSF radio antenna.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Power Lead.
  • NTP Software CD.
  • Junction Box (used to extend antenna cable - if necessary.)
  • IDC Cable Tool (used to insert cable into the junction box- if necessary.)

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