Delivery and Returns Policy

UKMail ships all national deliveries.

International deliveries, including Europe and North America, are shipped using Fedex. Please note, you may be required to visit your nearest Fedex depot to collect your goods.


Returns Procedure

If throughout the Technical Support* process it is deemed that you need to send any products back for repair, you will be issued with a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) Number and shipping instructions.


*Technical Support Services are provided by Galleon Systems


For products returned from outside the EU, please inform the carrier that the goods are to be repaired and sent back and will therefore qualify for Inward Processing Relief. Then ship the product, transportation prepaid, for inspection.


Typical Equipment repair or replacement time is five (5) business days, plus shipping times. One-way shipping is the customer’s responsibility. Galleon Systems will return ship the equipment by the same means it was received.


Galleon Systems will not be responsible for unauthorised returns or for returns that do not list the RMA Number on a packing list attached in plain view on the outside of the shipping container.


In order to process your product return swiftly, it’s vital that you clearly display your returns number on the outside of any packaging and any documentation to be included with the returned product(s).

Failure to clearly display your returns number could result in processing delays.

Galleon Systems also recommends that you provide photographs of the unit and antenna you’re returning BEFORE packing. In the event that an item, or items, are damaged during shipping photographic evidence exists showing that any damage, other than those specified for repair, sustained was in fact caused whilst in transit.

Galleon Systems accepts no liability for products damaged while in transit, and any additional repairs required as a result of damage sustained during shipping will incur further costs. In order to recoup costs for repair of any additional damage caused to products, please refer to your courier.

Packaging Guidelines

To ensure that Galleon Systems receives a returned NTP server & antenna - free from damage, we urge you to follow these packing guidelines for safe transit of the item(s):

a) Where possible, return your NTP server & antenna in their original packaging ensuring that they’re secured appropriately within the box. Products should be protected using the polystyrene inserts [provided with the original packaging]. For added protection, pack surrounding voids with packing materials originally supplied.

The box should fit snuggly around the items and there should be minimal or no movement of the products once sealed in the box. Seal the box accordingly using industrial strength tape, making sure there are no gaps. The box should be sealed without the potential to open while in transit.

b) If (a) is not possible, a suitable alternative is required, ensuring that the box is of the correct size and strength to accommodate the enclosed items. The products will need to be secured tightly within the box, making sure they’re completely protected and virtually free from movement.

Corners can be protected using polystyrene and to further protect the items, Galleon Systems recommends heavy duty bubble wrap. It’s important that the box and packing used fits snuggly around the items to restrict movement in transit.

Ensure any voids within the box are packed with protective materials, then seal the box with industrial strength tape, making sure there are no gaps. The box should be sealed without the potential to open while in transit.